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How To Get Into Medical School

We get it. Medical school takes years to complete, and you have a busy life to lead. Maybe a cost and time-effective medical certification program you can complete online at your own pace is the better choice for your busy life and ambitious goals. How hard is it to get into medical school? The answer to this question depends on your willingness to step outside the box of typical medical school training.

What are Online Medical Certifications?

Sometimes the question needs to change from “How to get into medical school?” to “What can I do today to break into this field and work toward the future I want?”

Designed specifically for pre-medical students who want to avoid spending a lot of time and money studying, our online medical certifications teach you the language of the healthcare industry. If you decide to pursue nursing, dental school, pharmacology, or medical school, the information you learn in our programs help prepare you for that future transition.

We Have a Different Way of Thinking Here

At Advanced eClinical Training, we believe all pre-health students should have the opportunity to gain relevant work experience before applying for a graduate-level program. You should also be able to do meaningful work in the medical field without going broke or suffering additional setbacks in your career.

Whether you’re a high school student, have already started an undergraduate degree, or are considering a switch to a career in healthcare, our tailored online program can help. By earning an accredited medical certification, you will have the skills and credentials employers value and the competitive edge to set you apart from other candidates.

What Else Makes Us Special?

With our affordable, accelerated healthcare certifications, you can obtain the clinical skills and earn the qualifications required to enter the healthcare field within about three months of starting courses. 

You receive expert training with simulation-based instruction to transfer your knowledge to real-life scenarios. All simulation-based training is accessible, flexible, and led by experienced instructors and mentors.

Immersive, Interactive Digital Learning

Our staff knows how important it is for aspiring healthcare professionals to achieve valuable training. For this reason, we prioritize quality education by providing immersive and up-to-date learning content. We choose our content based on the most recently published standards and practices in the healthcare industry. Here are some of the other learning methods you can expect:

  • 3D models
  • Exams and quizzes
  • Video lectures
  • Virtual labs

Engaging our learners and seeing the excitement on their faces as they truly understand a new concept motivates everything we do, especially as it pertains to curriculum and teaching methods.

Expert Full-time Instructors

Our team has decades of combined experience of teaching and working directly in the medical field. Who better to learn from than an instructor who has spent years in the field you want to make your new career? Their expertise, passion, and pursuit of excellence means our students gain the skills and qualifications needed for employment immediately after graduation.


Advanced eClinical Training also provides students a chance to receive a mentor by signing up for the pre-medical student mentorship program. Our coursework meets or exceeds healthcare industry standards, all of which the person you will mentor with has done before you. Our team helps you through the entire process of finding and benefiting from a professional mentor.

Self-Paced & Flexible Programs from Anywhere

Our online medical certifications are ideal for those seeking healthcare without spending months or years in a standard college classroom. You have no due dates or time restrictions on coursework since it’s self-paced and available from anywhere in the world.

You will have immediate access to all the course materials you paid for once we receive your enrollment materials. Without due dates or timeline requirements, you are free to move through the coursework at your own pace. No more worrying about holding others back when you just don’t get a concept or having to wait for an instructor to answer several questions from one student.

Cost efficiency is also a unique part of our program planning. Online medical training is attractive for pre-health students seeking healthcare training and credentialing because of its affordability, flexibility, and self-paced format.

Ongoing Support

We aim to create a supportive community of students, healthcare professionals, and advisors from all over the country. While their life and work experiences vary, they all share a common passion for medicine and care deeply about supporting one another.

Are You Ready for a Unique, Fast-Paced Medical Training Program? We’ve Got You Covered!

You might have noticed that we do things quickly around here. Seeing students waiting around to find out what books they need and then having to wait in line at a college bookstore to buy them is never acceptable to us. Enroll today and receive your course materials right away. You will thank yourself 8 to 12 weeks from now, and you will never have to ask, ‘how to get into medical school’ again!

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