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Currently, the United States faces a critical shortage of healthcare professionals. It’s only predicted to get worse. Research suggests the healthcare industry will soon be short 3.2 million lower-wage workers. This means that the labor shortage will not only affect staffing for doctors and nurses, but also medical assistants, patient care technicians, and other entry-level positions. 

In this climate, recruitment has become more difficult than ever before. Today, 47% of healthcare HR teams had trouble recruiting enough employees.

Fill Vacancies Faster with ACT's Employer Partner Program

You could hire a fully-certified ACT graduate for the following positions:

Country-wide Talent Pool

Accelerated Onboarding

Enhanced Quality of Hires

Long-term Solutions

Cost-Efficient Staffing

Customized Training for Job Readiness

ACT's Healthcare Staffing Solution and Signature Onboarding Process

Get matched to Recent Grads in Your Area

We’ll match you with a fully-certified Allied Health Professional. You’ll know they’re prepared because our students hold one of the highest pass rates in the country. With an ACT grad, you can feel confident you’re hiring a highly-qualified healthcare professional ready to join your team. 

Reduce Hiring Costs as an Employer Partner

Instead of wading through unqualified applicants, tap into our pool of recent graduates eager to begin their healthcare careers. You’ll only look at applicants with certifications meeting your staffing needs. Lower your recruiting costs by narrowing the talent pool to only the most qualified healthcare professionals.

Let ACT Take Care on Onboarding

Your new employees come prepared to integrate into your clinical setting. Each student takes our Medical Assistant Orientation program (MAO). This evidenced-based training provides your new employee with the skills to work within a healthcare team and manage patient care effectively.

Even in a healthcare shortage, ACT's got the perfect candidate.

Why Choose to Recruit with ACT

The Standard Hiring Process

  • Wait an average of 59.5 days to fill a position
  • Spend valuable time verifying credentials
  • Advertise at local job fairs
  • Wade through unqualified applications
  • Onboard new hires without any support from an educational institution

ACT's Staffing Solution

  • Fill vacancies in as little as 5 days
  • Get certified professionals with the highest exam pass rates in the country
  • Access a country-wide talent pool
  • Beat your competition to the highest qualified new grads
  • Get evidence-base onboarding developed by expert instructors

Lower recruiting and hiring costs with ACT

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