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Online Self-Paced Allied Health Certification Programs designed for Pre-Health Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate Students

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Multi ethnic group of medical students in uniform working on medical research sitting at the desk with x-ray and books in the modern classroom

The founders of Advanced eClinical Training were fellow pre-health (PA, medical, and nursing) students. After graduating college in 2015, they yearned to apply their health science didactic knowledge to real clinical cases while gaining direct patient care experience before applying to their graduate programs.

Unfortunately, putting their plan into action was harder than expected as most direct patient care jobs in hospitals and clinics sought applicants with advanced clinical certifications. As they pursued such certifications, they were faced with even more setbacks: 1-2 years of additional schooling that cost thousands of dollars, offered limited availability; and lacked flexibility within the programs.

The lack of options for pre-health students to gain necessary healthcare experience during their undergraduate schooling/gap year was the inspiration behind the creation of a clinical certification course for health science students interested in pursuing advanced medical degrees such as Physician Assistant (PA-C), Medicine (MD/DO), Nursing (BSN, NP, FNP). Additionally, their goal was to create a supportive community where pre-health students could interact with other like-minded and passionate students from all over the country- to learn from one another, provide mentorship, advice, and motivation.

The founders worked diligently to construct allied health certification courses with an extensive curriculum built on undergraduate health science coursework related to clinical medicine and patient care. Our programs seek to develop and refine students’ clinical skills for entry into healthcare/direct patient care roles in as little as 8-12 weeks.

Portrait of a medic lecturer professor with group of students on the background at the classroom

The founders sought to create flexible and affordable clinical certification courses strictly for pre-health students, allowing them to easily gain the healthcare experience they need without prolonging or complicating their educational journey to medical, PA, pharmacy, or nursing school.

Furthermore, the founders created this program to help students develop strong self-confidence in their clinical abilities to wholeheartedly follow their dreams of becoming leading providers – all while making their short-term goal of preparing for their respective programs attainable.

Our mission is to provide engaging, accessible, and affordable clinical certification programs to prepare diverse health science students for medical, PA, pharmacy, and nursing school. Our organization strives to provide innovative learning opportunities while fostering encouraging and positive educational experiences for every one of our students’ lifelong success.

By providing comprehensive clinical training and certification programs, pre-health students will acquire essential skills necessary to enter diverse fields of medicine as pre-health professionals and gain healthcare experience/patient care hours required for medical, PA, pharmacy, and nursing school.

Our goal is to build clinically competent pre-health applicants who are confident and prepared to become healthcare leaders upon entry into medical, PA, and nursing school. We seek to collaboratively transition passionate health science students into proficient and qualified clinical professions prepared to deliver direct patient care in versatile healthcare settings. 

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