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Our all-encompassing clinical training stems from a profound dedication to your success: the aspiring professionals who deserve superior guidance. The individuals seeking more pertinent expertise. And those striving for enhanced prospects. Join us, and we’ll support your growth, equipping you for a transformative career journey.


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At Advanced eClincial Training, we offer an alternative road to medical certification. We wholeheartedly believe anyone who wants a career in healthcare should have affordable and accessible education options. Online medical certifications are perfect for anyone who wants to:

You don’t want to put your healthcare career on hold while you wait on university admissions or for September to roll around. With an online medical certification, you can start anytime.

Some people spend years getting certified.
For everyone else, there's Advanced eClinical

I loved the CCMA training / certification course! I learned a lot of valuable clinical information that I have already applied in my new medical assisting job! This course has propelled me in a direction that otherwise would have been impossible, very thankful!

Megan Masters


Healthcare Leaders

Our goal is to build clinically
competent pre-health applicants who are
confident and prepared to become healthcare
leaders upon entry into medical, PA, and nursing
school. We seek to collaboratively transition
passionate health science students into proficient and
qualified clinical professions prepared to deliver direct
patient care in versatile healthcare settings.

Clinical Experience

By providing comprehensive clinical training and certification programs, pre-health
students will acquire essential skills necessary to enter diverse fields of medicine as
pre-health professionals and gain healthcare experience/patient care hours required
for medical, PA, pharmacy, and nursing school.

Healthcare Leaders

Our mission is to drive the future of clinical training through innovation, accessibility, and educational excellence to develop
dynamic, skillful and empowered students while fostering competent and compassionate future healthcare leaders.


Your goals should never be put on hold because of lengthy and costly certification programs!

After successfully completing our undergraduate pre-health programs in 2015, we were excited to start our gap year to focus on our PA school applications and begin acquiring valuable clinical experience..

As we attempted to secure clinical positions we experienced countless rejections. Our lack of formal training and certifications in healthcare served as a significant obstacle on our journey.. Clinics and hospitals required a solid foundation of healthcare knowledge and hands-on experience, both of which we did not have.

Despite completing a rigorous four-year pre-health education, we realized that to gain the necessary clinical experience, we had to invest an additional 1-2 years in community college to become certified medical assistants. This caused financial burdens and further delayed our goal of applying to PA school.

The lack of accessible training and hands-on opportunities fueled our desire to find a solution not just for ourselves but for fellow pre-health students who were undoubtedly facing the same challenges. And thus, Advanced eClinical Training was born.

Inspired by our own personal journeys and the challenges we faced along the way, we set out to transform the landscape of pre-health education. Our mission was clear: to offer pre-health students accessible, affordable and on-demand training programs that would equip them with the essential skills and credentials in a fast and efficient manner.

We collaborated with industry experts to develop curricula that condensed traditional 1-2 year certification programs into a comprehensive 8-12 week format. These programs were carefully designed to build upon the solid foundation of pre-health science courses. We harnessed the power of simulations, interactive modules, and real-world case studies to create immersive learning experiences that mimic real world clinical scenarios.

To date, over 4,000 pre-health students have successfully graduated from ACT’s online training programs and seamlessly transitioned into clinical roles working directly with patients. Whether students are juggling work commitments or facing geographical limitations, our programs provide the flexibility needed to accommodate diverse lifestyles and circumstances.

How Our Programs Foster Future Healthcare Leaders

Our medical programs help students passionate about healthcare become competent and confident professionals. The basis for this transformation begins with our innovative training platform. Instead of offering only video lectures, students gain access to immersive patient simulations, digital interactive labs, and gamified learning experiences.

Next, we offer externship placements, volunteer opportunities, and professional mentorship. These opportunities experiences give students direct patient care experience interaction and access to other experts in a safe learning environment.

Our innovative training platform combined with clinical experiences results in healthcare leaders. We’re always proud to send our students into the workforce knowing we’ve prepared them to be compassionate and competent healthcare professionals.

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