Pre-Dental Mentorship Program (PDMP)

By Partnering With Our Pre-Dental Advisor, You Will Benefit From An Experienced Mentor Who Was Once In Your Shoes.

Our Personalized Mentorship Program Pairs Aspiring Dentists With An Expert Practicing DMD!

Gain step by step guidance as you embark on the journey to PA school with one-on-one personalized mentoring with our expert DMD advisors.

PDMP seeks to provide a tailored strategic advising plan to help you successfully transition from a health pre-professional student to a strong dental school applicant without the high costs typically associated with college admission consultants.

Pre-Dental Mentorship Program (PDMP)

Our Pre-Dental Mentorship Program was created for Pre-Dental Students seeking guidance and personalized advising as they embark on their application journey into Dental School.

By partnering with one of our Dental Advisors, you will benefit from an experienced mentor who was once in your shoes.

Our Mentorship Program seeks to provide step-by-step guidance with a tailored strategic plan to successfully transition from a Health Pre-Professional student to a strong Dental School Applicant.

Meet Our DMD Advisor/ Pre-Dental Mentor​

Mona Hovaizi, DMD

 Key Strengths

  • Strategic Timeline Planning
  • Prerequisite coursework and course-planning
  • Detailed Application Review & Guidance
  • Expert DAT Prep
  • Expert Rejection Analysis
  • Mock interview prep
  • Personal Statement Draft & Editing
  • Volunteer / Clinical Experience Guidance

How It Works

Chose Your Mentorship Plan.

Access Resource Materials & Answer Detailed Questionnaire.

Review Customized Mentorship Plan Created By Your Mentor.

Meet Your Mentor via Live Virtual Sessions and Begin Implementing Your Tailored Mentorship Plan With The Direct Guidance of Your Mentor.

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