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Get the exact training your staff requires to improve clinical skills, enhance patient care protocols, and deliver exceptional care.

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Fully-certified in 8-weeks

Customized Training


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Clinical Tailored Training

Instead of buying a one-size program, ACT will assess your clinic’s needs. This way your staff will only receive the most relevant and effective training. You’ll get a customized program that matches your clinic’s unique workflow.

Accelerated Certification

ACT’s programs can be completed in 8-weeks or less. Plus, all of our programs align with industry-standards credentials, such as Clinical Medical Assistant Certification (CCMA). After certification, your staff will possess the clinical skills to exceed healthcare benchmarks. Empower your staff in less time to become as productive as possible in their roles.

Upskilled Staff

You can choose to certify existing team members or new hires. In both pathways, your staff receives a nationally-recognized certification. This training proves their competency and enhances the reputation of your clinic. Plus, you’ll empower your medical assistants with clinical skills that enhance your clinic’s workflow.

Train Your Staff 100% Online with ACT

Long-term Solutions

Cost-Efficient Staffing

Customized Training for Job Readiness

Enhance Patient Care with Upskilled Medical Assistants

Your medical assistants are the bridge between clinicians and patients. They are the first and last point of interaction. Yet, their role in patient care workflows is often overlooked. With the right training, medical assistants can offer a superior care experience for patients.

ACT’s programs train medical assistants to create the optimal patient care experience. At the same time, we also craft the ideal clinical workflow for your team.

1. Optimize Patient Care

  • Enhanced Communication — Your medical assistants will ensure your patients feel seen, heard, and respected. They’ll be able to provide the emotional support required for a positive visit. 
  • Patient Advocacy — As frontline workers, medical assistants are perfectly positioned to track  patient needs. They can proactively follow-up with patients for missed appointments or even medication discrepancies. 
  • Improved Emergency Response — Medical emergencies can often happen in the waiting room. Upskilled medical assistants can provide lifesaving treatment. For example, they can initiate CPR, administer emergency medications, and stabilize patients.
  • Effective Patient Education — The best care happens when patients comply with their treatment plans. Medical assistants can help by educating patients. This could include detailed explanations, addressing questions, and reinforcing physician instructions.

2. Refine Clinical Workflows

  • Expanded Clinical Abilities —  Upskilled medical assistants can assist in a variety of clinical procedures. They can take vitals, administer medications, draw blood, perform EKGs, and assist with minor surgical procedures. Now, your patients do not need to wait for specialized staff for these routine procedures.
  • Improved Diagnostic Skills — With advanced training, medical assistants can assist in the diagnostic process. They can conduct preliminary assessments, gather patient history, and assist with diagnostic tests. These skills may even lead to earlier and more accurate diagnoses. 
  • Efficient Workflows — Your clinic will experience less delays with medical assistants in your workflow. They can take initial patient histories, update electronic health records (EHRs), and manage patient flow.
  • Collaborative Care — By expanding your medical assistants’ skills, you ensure they collaborate more effectively with your team. New clinical skills also help avoid miscommunication and reduce medical errors. Upskilled medical assistants become integral team members.

Transform Your Clinic with ACT’s Upskilling Programs

Cost-Effective Solution

Hiring new staff requires a huge time and money investment. Plus, your new employee may not fit your clinic’s culture. 

Upskilling existing staff gives you the flexibility to address new needs without any hiring hassle. Medical assistants also represent an inexpensive alternative to more specialized staff. 

Meet your clinic’s growing needs with upskilled medical assistants.

Greater Patient Satisfaction

Quick and efficient care leads to a positive patient experience. Upskilled medical assistants can create more efficient and coordinated clinic workflows. 

Medical assistants also provide patients with emotional support. Their presence can reduce anxiety and contribute to a sense of safety. 

Enhance patient care with upskilled medical assistants.

Prevent Burnout with a Team Approach

Physicians reported higher levels of burnout when they performed more administrative work.

Medical assistants can reduce administrative work by interviewing patients. They can also queue up prescription renewals and complete insurance paperwork. The ideal ratio is 2 medical assistants to 1 physician, according to Stanford research

Certified medical assistants can help everyone manage the workload and prevent burnout.

Reduced Waiting Times

Medical assistants can shorten waiting times with new skills. They could efficiently manage administrative tasks, prepare examination rooms, and assist during medical procedures. 

Patients appreciate clinics that value their time. A streamlined patient workflow can even contribute to a clinic’s positive reputation. Plus, clinics with great reputations have higher referral rates. 

Improve the patient experience and your clinic’s reputation by shortening wait times.

Avoid Administrative Headaches by Upskilling Your Staff

Certification Compliance

Failure to comply with state laws could result in fines or other penalties. Yet it’s expensive to hire a credentialing coordinator. If you upskill your medical assistants, then you’re certain they’re certified. Plus, you’ll be able to customize their training. You’ll know it includes the exact clinical skills most important to your workflow. 

Customize your medical assistants’ training program.

Stressful Work Environment

Right now, 46% of healthcare workers report feeling burnt out. Fortunately, upskilling can improve workplace conditions. 

Training often includes collaborative and team building exercises. The CDC even suggests using employee participation in decision-making as a tool to prevent burnout. By performing training exercises, you’ll uncover hidden strengths among your staff members. This work will lead to enhanced workflows benefiting both healthcare workers and patients. 

Create clinical workflows designed for certified staff.

Timely Professional Development

Giving medical assistants professional development often feels like a catch-22. You know upskilling your medical assistants will result in higher performance. Yet, it’s difficult to give medical assistants adequate time away from their duties for training. 

designed all of our programs to be 100% online. Now, your employees can upskill from anywhere. You can also customize their training to suit your clinics’ needs. Employees can even earn their Clinical Medical Assistant Certification (CCMA) within 8-12 weeks. 

Offer training opportunities without ever leaving the clinic with 100% online courses.

Your front office medical assistants’ workflow could fill gaps in patient care.

Work on the Perfect Workflow Without Sending Your Staff to Expensive, Off-site Training

Schedule a meeting to find out how medical assistants could save your team time.

Call (904) 607-5090 to discuss how to delegate more tasks to your medical assistants. 

Available from 8:00 AM – 7:00PM Monday to Friday.

Benefits of ACT’s Training Program for Medical Assistants

✔️ Customized Training Solutions — Content tailored to your unique clinic’s requirements. Make your MAs valuable from Day 1!

✔️ Comprehensive Curriculum — Topics include appointment scheduling, billing and coding, patient assessment, lab procedures, medication administration, and more! 

✔️ Simulation-based Learning — Boost your staff’s confidence with a risk-free training environment. They practice all hands-on skills using simulation-technology first before working with any patients.

✔️ Expert Instructor Support — Experienced healthcare instructors offer personalized support and feedback to each student. 

✔️ Flexible Learning On-demand access lets staff learn at their own pace. It also accommodates busy clinic work schedules. 

✔️ Nationally-Recognized Certifications Graduates earn industry-standard certifications that meet or exceed benchmarks across the country. 

✔️ Improved Clinic Efficiency — Trained MAs streamline administrative and clinical tasks. You could reduce wait times, increase productivity, and enhance patient satisfaction. 

✔️ Effective Communication Skills — Feel confident your MAs are clearly communicating with patients and other healthcare staff. Our program includes communication techniques specific to healthcare settings. 

✔️ Reduce Administrative Hassle Let your MA take care of administrative tasks. They’re trained to handle billing, coding, and patient record management. 

✔️ Increased Clinic Productivity Enable nurses and doctors to focus on complex medical issues. Medical assistants can handle the routine medical procedures. 

✔️ Positive Clinic Reputation Empower your medical assistants to answer patient questions and provide clear instructions. Your patients will reward you with word-of-mouth referrals and positive reviews. 

✔️ Cost Savings — Reap financial benefits when upskilled medical assistants create fewer billing errors. Plus, upskilling improves clinical workflows and reduces employee turnover. 

✔️ Higher Employee Retention — Reduce recruitment and hiring costs by investing in your current employees. Training increases the likelihood of an employee staying with your clinic long-term.

Learner Support

Fully-certified in 8-weeks

Customized Training


100% Online

Close Skill Gaps with Customized and Accelerated Training Options for Medical Assistants

8-12 Week Programs

Accredit your employees as medical assistants in just a few months.

Self-Paced and 100% Online

Train your staff from your office and avoid any travel or in-person training costs.

Affordable Upskilling

Lower the cost of professional development with ACT’s online training.

Expert Instructor Support

Book virtual office hours with our instructors at any time, even for only 1 staff member.

Simulation-based Curricula

Ensure high performance by training staff using realistic, patient simulations.

Customized Training

Choose which modules you want your staff to train on using our innovative learning platform.

Too Much Time on Administrative Tasks? Upskill Your Staff and Delegate

Reduce your clinicians’ hours and deliver exceptional patient care with highly trained medical assistants. You can choose how to craft your team’s workflow with ACT’s fully customizable and accelerated training. Plus, it’s 100% online. Your team can train directly from your office with our expert instructors and realistic patient simulations. 

Choose ACT’s training programs to optimize your clinic’s performance and enhance patient care. By upskilling your medical assistants, you’ll position your clinic as a trusted healthcare partner. Transform your clinic into a center of excellence with ACT!

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