How to Calculate Your MSC Score

Find out your MSC Score to see your chances of medical school acceptance.

Discover your MSC Score (i.e., Med School Calculator score) to assess your likelihood of gaining admission to medical school.

Developed by MedSchoolCoach and used by Advanced eClinical Training, the MSC Score calculator is a tool for medical students aspiring to become physicians. This calculator analyzes 50,000 data points and over 15,000 medical school applicants to help you gauge your competitiveness as a medical school candidate.

By pinpointing areas for growth with the MSC Score calculator, students can leverage Advanced eClinical Training externships to strategically enhance their profiles and elevate their overall MSC score.

Predict Your Chances of Medical School Acceptance

Every individual interested in applying to medical school possesses an MSC Score, indicating their competitiveness as an applicant. However, not every student is aware of their score. MedSchoolCoach constructed this calculator by utilizing extensive data from real medical school applicants, enabling you to determine your medical school competitiveness. In the video above, Dr. Sahil Mehta explains how an MSC Score can assist medical students in evaluating their acceptance chances.

Calculate Your MSC Score Now!

How Is My MSC Score Calculated?

While GPA and MCAT scores play a role, MedSchoolCoach advisors, with experience on admissions committees and working with numerous students, consider other vital variables. These include extracurriculars, research, clinical work, shadowing, volunteering, life experiences, your undergraduate school, and whether you’re an underrepresented minority.

The MSC Score calculates these variables, providing a score that approximates where each student stands compared to other pre-med students.

How Do I Interpret My MSC Score?

An MSC Score ranges from 0 to 99, with an average medical school candidate scoring between 40 and 70. A low score indicates lower chances of acceptance, while an elite candidate often scores a minimum of 65, increasing their likelihood of being accepted into top medical schools.

These scores do not consider interview performance or personal statement quality but serve as helpful indicators based on academics and extracurriculars.

Tips to Boost Your MSC Score and Gain Admission to Top Medical Schools

Once a student knows their MSC Score, there are strategies to enhance it. For example, if an MCAT score is low, getting a tutor and retaking the exam can increase the MSC Score.

For a student with a score of 55, being in the top 40% of applicants requires a strong application, stellar interview performance, and an outstanding personal statement.

A remarkable score of 90 places a student among top applicants, emphasizing the importance of a well-put-together application.

After determining your score, success hinges on how well you integrate various elements, such as interview performance, personal statement quality, and narrative. MedSchoolCoach physician advisors and mentors offer comprehensive support throughout every aspect of the medical school application process, ensuring assistance for students across the score spectrum.

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