ACT’s Online Training Programs are Bridging the Clinical Gap for Pre-Health Students

The jump from pre-health undergraduate studies to medical, PA, nursing, and pharmacy school is not a small step. In reality, it’s quite the leap due to the many academic and clinical gaps that exist.

As a result, many students are unequipped, feel unprepared, and lack the confidence to continue their journeys toward becoming professional healthcare providers.

This is a problem that has implications for not only the students themselves but also the healthcare industry as a whole. There is already a shortage of healthcare workers — a shortage that is only expected to grow larger in years to come.

Fortunately, Advanced eClinical Training (ACT) is helping pre-health undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students make a more seamless jump to their graduate medical programs by offering a number of convenient online training programs.

From pre-health students to certification training founders

Advanced eClinical Training was birthed from the experiences of founders Shabnam Safarzadeh and Shaghayegh Safarzadeh. After graduating from their respective undergraduate programs, they wanted to gain relevant workplace experience before applying to their graduate-level programs.

However, they quickly found that this presented a significant roadblock: most clinics and hospitals required clinical certifications for employment. Of course, the only way to gain these certificates was to spend another 1-2 years in training — causing additional career setbacks. What’s more, the options that were available at the time had limited openings and offered very little flexibility. Not to mention, they were expensive.

This clear lack of opportunity became the inspiration for Advanced eClinical Training. Within a few years, Shabnam and Shaghayegh had launched multiple allied health certification courses to help students hone their clinical skills and earn the qualifications needed to enter the healthcare industry.

What types of courses are offered?

Currently, Advanced eClinical Training provides five different types of certifications — Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, Certified Pharmacy Technician, Certified Patient Care Technician, Advanced Medical Terminology Training Certificate, and Clinical Research Assistant Certification, and Physical Therapy Technician Certification.

In addition to these certificates, ACT offers medical mentorship programs for various career paths — pre-medical, pre-physician, pre-dental, and pre-pharmacy. Programs generally run for 4–12 weeks, depending on the type of certification and the student’s time commitment.

What separates ACT programs from other training programs?

First, Advanced eClinical Training’s programs are both online and self-paced. This means that they can be accessed and completed on-demand, and students maintain access to the program’s interactive curriculum for a full 12-month period.

Not only are the certifications nationally accredited but they are also founded, developed, reviewed, approved, and taught by healthcare professionals — including medical doctors, Pas, nurses, and pharmacists. Additionally, programs include expert national certification exam preparation and boast a 100% first-attempt pass rate.

As a pioneer of world-class simulation-based learning, ACT allows students of diverse backgrounds to gain strong self-confidence in their abilities. The company’s innovative curriculum provides an experimental learning design that promotes deliberate practice — essential for developing adept and versatile healthcare professionals.

ACT courses are also very affordable. As programs are both fully online and all-inclusive, students only pay a modest base fee per course. There are no additional costs for textbooks or other instructional materials.

Finally, Advanced eClinical Training provides and fosters a community where students can connect, interact with each other, offer invaluable advice, and find motivation at any stage in their journeys.

Looking to fast-track your career or enter the healthcare industry before medical school? Enroll in one of Advanced eClinical Training’s programs today!



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