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Do You Need a Certification to be a Pharmacy Tech?

If you are on the hunt for a job and would like to get into the pharmacy field, you may wonder if you need to take the time to get certified first. Many people may not have the time or money to spend on a year or more of schooling while trying to pay their bills. Learn about your options for becoming a pharmacy technician without certification so you do not have to hold off your future career any longer. 

At Advanced eClinical Training, we understand that you may want to get started as quickly as possible in the pharmacy field. We can help you get there in as little as twelve weeks with our self-paced online pharmacy technician certification course. Even if you secure a pharmacy tech position without certification, advancing your training will open doors for a higher salary and better opportunities down the road. 

Can I Work as a Pharmacy Technician Without Being Certified?

It is possible to work as a pharmacy technician without formal certification, but it depends on where you live. Each state falls into one of three categories regarding pharmacy technician requirements:

  • States that do not require training
  • States that do not require training but expect the applicant to register with the state’s Board of Health
  • States that require a pharmacy technician certification

As you can see, the primary factor in the requirements you need to become a pharmacy technician is the state in which you live and work. 

How to Get a Pharmacy Technician Job Without Certification 

Although some pharmacies do not require any formal training or certification before being hired, that does not mean they put you out on the pharmacy floor without any guidance. As with most jobs, you will undergo some form of training or onboarding. Handling pharmaceutical drugs requires much care and responsibility, so you will be observed and supervised for some time before working independently. The bulk of your training will depend on the type of pharmacy you are employed by. Smaller pharmacies will likely provide on-the-job training alongside a pharmacist or a senior pharmacy technician, while larger pharmacies may provide a more formal training program. The training they provide is often done with the ultimate goal of helping you get certified. 

But how do you get your first pharmacy technician job without any training? When you do not have any education or work experience to put on your resume, you will have to rely on other strengths to nail that first job. Some qualities pharmacies look for in potential pharmacy technician candidates are:

  • Good communication skills – Since you will spend a considerable portion of your workday interacting with customers, you need to show that you are friendly and professional.
  • Detail-oriented – Pharmaceutical drugs must be dispensed carefully for patient safety. Errors in medications can be life-threatening, so you need to pay attention to details in your work. 
  • Math skills – Pharmacy technicians deal with numbers all day, as medications must be provided with an exact dosage and pill count. You do not need to be an expert in calculus to work in a pharmacy, but basic math skills are essential. 

A potential employer will want to know that you are worth investing their time and money into since they provide you with training. Their ideal candidate will be committed to the field and looking for a long-term position.

Advanced eClinical Training: Advancing Your Future Pharmacy Career

If you are dedicated to a pharmacy career, you will want to earn your pharmacy technician certification for the best job opportunities. Advanced eClinical Training makes achieving your CPhT convenient and affordable with our online certification course. Enroll today and be on your way to better job opportunities and closer to your goal of becoming a pharmacist. 

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